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Our Leaders

Pastor Jonathan "JG" Pitts is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Regeneration Church located in Shelby County, AL. In addition to being a sought after prophetic voice, Pastor JG is also John Maxwell certified Leadership Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. Together, he and his wife, Kena [Lady K] lead and cover the people who call Regeneration Church home. 

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Our Mission

Regeneration Church is real people with real faith who found real hope and real empowerment in the gospel and teachings of Jesus Christ. And it is our mission to share our faith and hope so that others can experience an empowered life in Christ. At Regeneration Church, we:

  • Love God

  • Love People

  • Discover Purpose

  • Make A Difference

It is our prayer that as we grow deeper in relationship with Jesus Christ through a life of prayer, discipleship, and service, our faith spreads, inspires, and serves as a beacon of light in our community, city, and abroad. 

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Our Bedrocks

  • Family

  • Love

  • Prayer

  • Evangelism

  • Holistic Improvement

  • Outreach

  • Excellence

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